2-4-17 to 2-5-17

  1. Falling into the a sub-category “Conflicts of Interest”, it appears Trump Inc hasn’t wasted much time to continue financially benefiting from having Dad in the White House.  So how is it in America’s financial interest to pay for a luxury trip for Eric to screw around in Uruguay?
  2. Trump attacked a Federal Judge, who’s doing his job and working within the Constitution by putting a halt on the Travel Ban today, when he Tweeted immediately after the ruling, “…this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned…”.  Apparently Trump does not understand how the separation of the branches of government in this country works, and either does not understand the Constitution or doesn’t care. It must really piss him off that he can’t simply fire the judge.
  3. A quick summary of how Team Trump is hiding stuff from the American People, the Media, and even other parts of the government:
    • Still nothing about his tax returns saying the American people don’t care, when in fact survey after survey says they do
    • Shared almost no information on the details and implementation plan for the Immigration Ban order
    • Rescinded an Obama order that required the posting of names of staffers who had an exemption from Ethics Requirements rules
    • days after taking office, some government agencies were directed to stop using social media channels.
    • changed or dropped web pages, even those conveying scientific information
    • avoiding traditional media outlets to talk to the people via Twitter where lies and exaggerations will not be screened

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