7 Ways YOU can help stop Trump

Here is a list of things YOU can DO to help stop, or at lest slow down, the Trump Agenda:

  1. Stay informed with the Facts by reading reputable sources and not falling victim to “fake news”.
  2. Regularly contact your Senators and Congressmen.  5Calls.org is a fantastic resource for targeting your individual representatives and has issues to talk about.  Contact other elected officials about local issues you care about.  Don’t just send emails or make Facebook posts, make regular phone calls, and regularly send cards or letters.  Indivisibleguide.com has LOTS of information on how to develop a Personal Action Plan.  Subscribe to the Woman’s March site, which is developing a “10 Actions for 100 Days” outline. >>>BUT REMEMBER:  calls and letters are NOT ENOUGH, you MUST….
  3. Get Involved, Do Something: Join a local political or activist organization, or if possible, run for political office
  4. Donate to organizations that support causes you care about, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Defamation League, the Sierra Club, and Planned Parenthood
  5. Support established journalism (the organizations Trump is attacking)
  6. March in protest
  7. Vote, and volunteer for canvassing at the 2018 election cycle – and if you live in or know someone in a Swing District visit SwingLeft.org for an specific action plan.