His Planned Threats to Our Democracy

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution – Prohibiting accepting money from foreign entities

  1. Trumps failure to divest of his holdings

The 1st Amendment – Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion:

  1. Make public protesting illegal under Economic Terrorism Laws
  2. Make Flag burning illegal
  3. Limiting Press Freedom by loosening Libel Laws
  4. Banning or registry of Muslims

The 4th Amendment – Invasion of privacy and unreasonable search and seizure:

  1. Increase surveillance of American Citizens’ phone and email records
  2. Increase use of Stop and Frisk

The 5th Amendment – Due Process and Limits on Police Procedure:

  1. Mass Deportations of Muslims and Mexicans without a court hearing
  2. Eliminate the “catch and release” policy on illegal border crossings
  3. Religious Profiling
  4. Muslim Database
  5. Overturning of Roe vs. Wade
  6. Increase use of Eminent Domain

The 8th Amendment – Cruel and Unusual Punishment:

  1. Allowing Torture

The 14th Amendment – Equal Protection clause for all citizens and The Rights of Naturalized Citizens:

  1. Repeal of DAPA and DACA, and the deportation of DREAMers
  2. Discrimination based on Religion

The 15th Amendment:

  1. Further weakening the Voting Rights Act

Other threats not obviously, or specifically linked to a Constitutional Amendment:

  1. Repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act
  2. Defunding of Medicare and Medicaid
  3. Elimination of funding for Sanctuary cities
  4. Loosening EPA regulations and the removal of restrictions on Energy Production
  5. De-Funding of Planned Parenthood (and further attacks on women’s rights)
  6. Building the “wall”
  7. Increase reliance on private prisons
  8. Department of Justice budge cuts: calls to eliminate the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Violence Against Women Grants, the Legal Services Corporation, and for reducing funding for its Civil Rights and its Environment and Natural Resources divisions
  9. Climate change denial and quitting the Paris Accord
  10. Elimination of Dodd-Frank
  11. Loosening Gun Controls and the elimination of Gun Free Zones
  12. The normalizing of corruption, conflict of interests, and blatantly verifiable lies
  13. He’s making us look like idiots on the World Stage